Our puzzles on Android!

We would like to introduce our newest version of  “Slazin Counters” game!

It is our first indie game and currently it is available for Android as demo version. Our target is to publish the game on other platforms like iOS, Amazon, Windows Phone and Web as well. The main idea to show the game right now is to present our puzzle mechanic, which would be more or less the core for our whole game.

The game is still under implementation and we are open for opinions and reviews. If you have any suggestion how to upgrade the game, share it with us! if it would be good enough, we may add your name under Credits section in “Slazin Counters” game.

We are working on it as well. Currently we are upgrading assets, animations, hints system and login to Google Play services. We will add new gameplay modes like arcade, time-attack, boss and add more achievements. Follow us in case of catch them all! Join us and take the part in development process on our DevBlog.

– Brace yourself, the new look for puzzle games is coming! –


Btw. That is how the beta version looked like (before demo). Players could win nice amount of points here, all from one,  limited achievement: