Slazin Counters – Pixel Heaven 2016

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Slazin Counters game took the part in the contest and won own stand on Pixel Heaven in Indie zone! That was something… we would like to thank for organization and big interest about the game! We are going back to work motivated and we extend future updates by opinions collected at the fairs!

Here is new TO:DO list. You can also type your ideas in comments. If we will implement your idea then if you would like to, you can be added on Credits wall of Slazin Counters game!

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Lessons learned #2: Touch.Input

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We are presenting second lesson learned from “Slazin Coutners” project. It is about controlling touch input under Unity engine. Have a look at some details below, or just take the code and use it for your own project:

Lessons learned#2: Touch.Input(source in C#):

1. Basic informations
– [] Unity documentation
– [] Touch detection for 2D
– [] Touch detection on gameobject

2. Android
You can divide minSwipeDistX  and  minSwipeDistYvariables from our code in case of measure proper reaction of swipe on the screen.

– [] Swipe detection in any direction
– [] Multi touch basics
– [] Multi touch

3. iOS
– [] Touch count

Any suggestions ? Was it helpful ?
Share opinion in comments.
Image found on: []

Full Android touch input:

 using UnityEngine…

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